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aee8ac d7b60aa0fa39623500d2b584d006f796Kidz Quarters is a wonderland of imagination that caters for everything you need for children’s rooms. Our products are ready made or custom
made to fit the needs and desires of our customers.


We​ deliver superior products made from the best materials to ensure the highest levels of safety for use in children’s furniture, maintaining international standards – safe and lead free. Kidz Quarters was inspired by the exuberant high costs of baby and kids décor, that’s when we saw an opportunity to deliver affordable décor. Our products will suite your everyday mothers and fathers who wish to create a little wonderland or functional and organised space for their kids













 Nursery / Baby Furniture & Accessories:

  • Accessories such as storage units & bookshelves;
  • Cots with adjustable bases, cots with storage, modern & traditional cots;
  • Compactums with either all drawers, split drawers, drawer and cupboards combinations, drawer and shelf combinations, modern and traditional baby changing units.
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 Toddler Furniture & Accessories:

  • Accessories such as fun bookshelves, kids tables and chairs as well as wooden toy boxes;
  • Beds with raised sides,  pull out storage space, modern & traditional beds.
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Teens & Tweens Furniture & Storage Units:​

  • Beds with pull out storage drawers, bunk beds, beds with pullout bed (ideal for ‘sleep-overs’), modular beds and traditional beds,  compact and functional bed and storage units designed to fit small rooms;
  • Cupboards with various combinations - full door or two door and two drawer combinations as well as four door combinations, modern as well as traditional designs;
  • Study desks with side drawers or top drawers;
  • Wall units that can be custom made;
  • Dressers.

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